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Testing your system >>

As you may or may not be aware nearly all police departments throughout the Golden Horseshoe have implemented false alarm programs with respect to premises with burglar alarm systems. Most of these law enforcement agencies allow a certain number of false alarms from a premise per year and then impose a police response suspension.

What you are probably not aware of, is the fact that a growing number of these law enforcement agencies are also implementing cost recovery programs to help cover the cost of responding to false alarm calls. A few of these false alarm/cost recovery programs are detailed below.

New product updates >>

Radio Network

A letter recently received from Toronto Police Services, citing an analysis of break & enter occurances, identifies a popular method used by criminals to defeat residential and commercial premises alarm systems. Suspects are known to cut telephone wires disabling alarms. Vigilarm recommends protecting vulnerable telephone lines by enclosing them in metal conduit pipe. To ensure the integrity of alarm communication lines we recommend an alternate signalling path as a back up to your phone line.

An additional signaling path is now available using a radio network that transmits signals to the monitoring station in addition to the normal phone line signal path. This means that when your alarm is activated we get one signal by radio and another over the phone line. If your phone line is cut or inoperative, we still get the radio alarm signal. This method of backup is more cost effective and technically feasible than ever before.

Phone line changes >>

It is very important to talk to us about any changes to telephone lines, facilities, features or equipment (eg. Many telephone lines providers are offering ADSL, a high speed internet connection that could affect certain reporting formats. Please remember to keep us informed of any changes to your phone system. Also if Bell has paid you a visit, remember that your alarm system is connected to your phone line and that you could become disconnected during any changes.

Accounting updates >>

Many of our customers now use PAP (Pre Authorized Payments). If you decide to go this route, please call Gail and we will send you a form. We are also registered at all major banks for telebanking and internet banking and we also accept VISA.

Carbon Monoxide detectors >>

Since late 1998, carbon monoxide detectors have been required by law in Toronto, and various other municipalities. Talk to Warren about purchasing a detector for your home, business, or other property.